David C. White Student Travel Award - 2008

Recipient Advisor Topic
Bethea, Emily Pam Small P-Candida glabrata.C. glabrata
Chandler, Jeremy Erik Zinser P- Prochlorococcus Ecotype Abundances of the Equatorial Western Pacific Ocean Elucidated by Quantitative PCR Methods
Chen, Ying-Lien (Joseph) Todd Reynolds T- The RSP1 gene regulates morphogenesis, secreted aspartyl protease, and virulence in C. albicans
Huang, Li-Yin Jeff Becker P-Improved incorporation fo an unnatural amino acid into a GPCR expressed in yeast using the peptide transport system
Kim, Heejung Jeff Becker P-Residues in TM1 and TM7 Involved in Dimerization of Yeast Ste2p
Morris, Jeff Erik Zinser P-Prochlorocossus survive oxidative stress
Mosi, Lydia Pam Small T-Interactions between invertebrates and Mycobacterium ulcerans
Patel, Jenish Thandi Onami P-Impaired Expansion fo Viral Specific CD8 T Cells inST6Gal-l Deficient Mice Due to Cell Intrinsic Defects in Proliferation
Scholz, Matthew Gary Sayler -
Umanah, George Jeff Becker P-Mass Spectrometric Analysis and Ligan Capture using Ste2p of S. Cerevisiae carrying an unnatural amino acid replacement
Wirth, Samantha Pam Small P-Heterologous Expressin fo Mycolactone Genes in Mycobacterium fortuitum

Front row: Li-Yin Huang, Heejung Kim, Samantha Wirth, George Umanah
Back row: Ying-Lien (Joseph) Chen, Emily Bethea

Recipients Front row: Jenish Patel, Lydia Mosi, Sandy White, Heejung Kim, George Umanah, Emily Bethea
Back Row: Li-Yin Huang, Ying-Lien (Joseph) Chen, Samantha Wirth