David C. White Student Travel Award - 2009

Recipient Advisor Topic
Heather Benedict-Hamilton Tim Sparer Generation of Recombinant MCMVs Overexpressing the MHV-68 Chemokine-Binding Protein, M3, using the BAC System
Bo-Jhih Guan David Brian 5' -Proximal Suppressor Mutations for an Incompatible 32-nt Regiona in the 5' Untranslated Regionsl of Bovine and Mouse Hepatitis Coronaviruses Identify a New Cis-Replicaton Element
Chris Gulvik Alison Buchan Identifying Salt Marsh Microbial Decomposer Communities Capable of Degrading Switchgrass
Jinho Heo Tim Sparer Function analysis of polymorphisms withing human cytomegalovirus viral chemokin, vCXCL-1
Lydia Mosi Pam Small Experimental Infection of Medaka(Oryzias latipes) with Mycobacterium ulcerans: A model for transmission, pathogeneses and toxicity to fish.
Aarthi Sundararajan Mark Sangster Deficient Virus specific IgA production and mucosal B cell memory following muring gammaherpesvirus 68 infection of the respiratory tract.
George Umanah Jeff Becker Cross-Linking of a DOPA-Containing Peptide Ligand into its G Protein-Coupled Receptor

Front row: Jinho Heo, Heather Benedict-Hamilton, Lydia Mosi
Back row: Chris Gulvik, Aarthi Sundararajan, George Umanah,