Quantitative flash detection of Potential Pathogens, Bacterial Spores and Bioterrorism Biomarkers from Complex Clinical and Environmental Matrices (PowerPoint slide presentation, August 2003 - 17,765k)

Assessment of Lipids from Breath Condensate as Non-Invasive Presymptomatic Indicators of Toxic and Infectous Exposures of Respiratory Pathobiology (PowerPoint slide presentation, June 2003 - 742k)

Assessment of Subsurface in-situ Microbial Communities by Biomarkers for Remediation Potential, Monitoring Effectiveness, and as Rational End-Points (PowerPoint slide presentation, June 2000 - 739k)

Expanded Utility of Signature Lipid Biomarker Analysis for Microbial Community Composition and Nutritional/Physiological Status with HPLC/ESI/MS/MS Analysis of Intact Lipid Components (PowerPoint slide presentation, June 2000 - 328k)

Rapid Quantitative Detection & Speciation of Contamination in the Urban Watershed (PowerPoint slide presentation, January 2001 - 947k)

Rapid Lipid Biomarker Analysis for Quantitative Assessment of Microbial Community Composition and Activity (PowerPoint slide presentation, February 2001 - 2.7MB)

Lipomics (PowerPoint slide presentation, December 2001 - 3.5MB)

Changes in soil viable microbial biomass and composition reflect disturbance impacts and may serve as quantitative end points for reversibility (PowerPoint slide presentation, December 2001 - 975k)

Bacterial Spores (Shockwave file of CD-ROM presentation, 1999 - 905k. Must have Macromedia Shockwave installed in your browser to view.)