Vision for the Center for Biomarker Analysis

Science is like a monastery where we work as replaceable unknowns on the manuscript that is the ever-deepening view of the majesty of interactions in this incredible universe.

No matter where I have looked on this planet (all around the woods of North America, Lizard Island on the barrier reef, South Africa on a safari, deep sea vents and the under the frozen ice sheets of Antarctica), consortia of microbial life is scratching out a living by working together.

Since my first microscope, won in a science fair, through my years first as a medical student and then professor of medicine at FSU, my passion has been to understand how the interaction of microbial colonies works to ensure success of the whole.

My vision has been to bring the power of quantitative analytical chemistry to microbial ecology. This lead to the creation of the science of signature lipid biomarkers.

Over the years I have been blessed with the strong support and friendship of a great many collaborators and funding sources.